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Halloween Skin Contest

ShortCopper aAdmin posted Oct 28, 17

     Halloween Skin Contest

Our first Halloween event this weekend,  we had a good showing for our Halloween Skin Contest.  If you missed the show, below are some of the best skins we had.  Please join us this weekend for more Halloween fun!

Congrats To The Winners

1st Place: NewButterSeal

2nd Place: fwme

3rd Place: duidelijkdylan



NewButterSeal Member First Place to me GG to all my competers


Manoushe aOwner posted Oct 25, 17

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've last updated the website, and I know I should be doing it regularly but I've been way to busy trying to set skyblock up.


+ New website theme (if you find any glitches or bugs tell me or a staff member and we resolve it)

Auction house - You can now auction off your items for whatever price you like smile

+ Anti Cheat- We have added anti-cheat in place to prevent hackers doing what they love, which is hacking of course.

+ Brand new skyblock spawn - We have hired a professional build team to build our skyblock spawn

+ New YouTuber & Livestreamers rank - DM Me for more info and requirements.

That's about the most major updates since the last post, remember if you need any assitance from any staff members just ask. 

PS: Happy Halloween! 

Manoushe aOwner what was your ign?
NewButterSeal Member @NewButterSeal
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